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Traditional medicine treats symptoms, whereas Holistic medicine treats the body as a whole. The sooner the illness is identified, the less complicated and faster the recovery and the treatment will be.

The Bioresonance diagnostics we provide is based on modern technologies of screening. It is natural, safe and gives a chance to find the source of inflammation or the disease in its early stages. Often the patient can feel no symptoms, before the illness develops into its devastating stage. The most important thing is that this method of diagnostics allows us to identify the root cause of the illness; which may not match the affected organ directly. If you cure the cause – the illness will go.

Our bioresonance equipment has European certification and has been successfully applied in Europe, USA, Canada, Japan and China and other countries for more than 8 years.

Throughout the diagnostics, the weaker systems in your body will be highlighted along with the reason for illness. These methods allow us to recognise health problems and refer you to your GP accordingly.

Simple screening helps find dangerous illnesses. What would you say if we told you it is now possible to look inside your body without needles, injections or invasive hospital procedures?

In just over an hour we can test you to help prevent a number of serious illnesses, such as:
  • risk of suffering a stroke
  • risk of diabetics
  • risk of prostatic conditions, including cancer
  • determine viruses, harmful bacteria, helminthes (worms)
  • risk of suffering a heart attack
  • risk of gastritis, ulcer
  • risk of stones (kidney, gallbladder)

Suffering from any of the following?:

  • Weight and digestive problems, bloating
  • Heart conditions
  • Arthritis, joint pains
  • Back pain
  • Diabetes
  • Skin problems, rashes
  • Psoriasis, eczema, acne
  • Rhinitis, sinus
  • Headaches, migraine, depression, anxiety, fatigue
  • Sleeping problems etc.

If so, early diagnostics - is the first step to improving your condition and improving your life. Our diagnosis allows to discover about your organism:

  • illnesses and possible complications of them
  • “weak” systems of the body
  • cause of the disease in any organ or body system
  • toxic and exegetical-informational burden on the patient's body
  • range of allergens
  • micro-organisms, that can be the reason of illness
  • abnormalities in blood characteristics

In essence, our diagnosis utilizes knowledge about bio-magnetic resonance. This theory says that the human body, like any other live organism, emits electromagnetic waves within a unique range of frequencies. Since these signals are electromagnetic in nature, they can be detected by special devices. The presence of micro-organisms or pathological processes changes normal work of the cells and this changes waves' frequencies that they emit. Microbes and parasites also have their own range of electromagnetic waves. Read more about Bio Resonance Method.

Why the new diagnosis method is popular and beneficial?

The most recent diagnostics with Sensitiv Imago has considerable advantages as compared to the conventional methods of the medical diagnostics, such as ultrasonic examination, X-ray computed tomography, and differs from those in many aspects.